A lot of Thai fighters in Thailand bear mystical tattoos on their bodies. Those tattoos (better known as "Sak Yant") are said to have magical powers that protect the carrier. The Sak Yant itself is usually a decoration accompanied by a magic script. That script is written in Sanskrit, an ancient language. "MAHA" ( महा is the Sanskrit word for "GREAT/EPIC/VALOROUS/HEROIC". It is our namesake. A name that accurately describe the ultimate goal real fighters are reaching for.



To empower men and women to live out their dreams, and to reach their goals through an extremely active life. We strive to make it just that much easier for you to BELIEVE in your capabilities, and to smash limitations with safe training gear you can trust along with some very cool apparel!
We are setting out to establish our brand as the emblem worn by all individuals who engage life with integrity, humility, and a fiery dedication to excel in combat sports.




We create our products to adapt the way you move, the way you feel, the way you live. We hold our products to the highest standard. We come up with cutting edge, innovative designs while consistantly challenging ourselves to find new ways to enhance the performance and upgrade the comfortability of each piece of equipment.